What's New for 2013?

The Texas Scholar Award® program is a continuation of the expanded scholarship program launched in August 2011. All key aspects of the 2012 Program have been carried forward.

In response to requests from counselors, parents, and students the nomination process has been opened to allow students to initiate the nomination process.

As part of that process, it is critical that the student identify the counselor at the High School who will be notified to review the nomination and verify that the information is accurate. To initiate a nomination, students can click on Nominate a Student and they will be invited to register themselves. Once he/she is registered, the student can complete all components of the nomination and then click on Notify My Counselor. At that time, the counselor will be sent an email outlining their next steps and control of the nomination will pass to him/her. As in the past, a nomination will only be considered if it has been “submitted” by a High School Counselor or Administrator.

The prize for the High School winning the Vote for Your Favorite competition has been increased to $5,000.

This prize is given to the school that received the most votes and the money can be used at the high school’s discretion.

These begin in October and run through May. Look for more information in the Texas Scholar Award® Newsletter, or on this website under Latest News, or on the Texas Scholar Award® Facebook page.